Saturday, July 25, 2009

social responsibility.

I was "out ted" after the last blog post. People at the UFT were openly angry at me. They put labels on me , and took my postings as a person attack on them. OSI did come back into the picture after the post. I am very eager to find out what the report will state. According to the contract OSI has one year to publish their findings. In the meantime DO NADA continues to sit as chair on the SLT. At least she has been exposed for what she is. My chapter held a really nice pot luck for me where they cheered me, and thanked me for a job well done. BF realized I have the support of 95% of the staff so she had backed off towards the end of the year. The school survey came out and it sucked. Perhaps BF will try a bit harder to communicate. In fact my number one plan is to have a very well rounded UFT consultation committee and to make sure the administration meets with us each and every month. I am not going to play the lone ranger this year. I am going to tell the senior teachers to put it in writing , and explain to the newbies what the contract rules, but I am not going to take the heat for everything.If the UFT doesn't want to see my face..oh well. I read enough everyday to know what is going on.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009