Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Is it safe to come out?

Okay guys, keep a low profile. Maybe they won't see us. Did you check your data? No ,,,I don't have a computer that works in the building. Hey, did you see that great test prep book I got today? No, I saw the memo on the 150 bucks for Teachers Choice in my mailbox. I couldn't find parking today. Me either! I got a 75 dollar ticket because I forgot to move my car. I wonder if I could use the 150 bucks from TC to pay for the tickets I got this week? Oh No, here comes Bitch Face...let's pretend we are racoons.


NYC Educator said...

I got a 40 dollar ticket in Brooklyn on a Sunday and felt like it was so cheap I'd won the lottery or something. But money is needed to develop Willets Point and build baseball stadiums, so remember Mayor Mike needs every dime he can get.

Pissed Off said...

Those racoons are adorable!